Advanced Commissions Program

Get paid today on your new submitted cases including 1035 Exchanges and Transfers.


•For qualified producers, Annuco, LLC  will advance brokers up to $50,000 of commisions on their new Fixed, Indexed and SPIA cases submitted in good order.

•Up to 90% advance of total commission amount will be sent within 3 business days of new business submitted.  Submissions must be in good order with Advance Commission Agreement and Advance Agreement Term Sheet signed by producer.

•Remaining balance of the commission will be paid to the broker within 3 business days of the policy paid commission date.

•Amount of the percentage for advance is at Annuco’s discretion and will be agreed upon by all parties in the Advance Agreement Term Sheet prior to the release of monies to the broker.


•Broker submits the signed Advance Commission Agreement.

• Annuco will do background and credit check prior to agreement for advances.

• Once approved for the program, broker will be sent an Advance Agreement Term Sheet outlining the particulars for their case and the advance amounts.

• Upon signing the Advance Agreement Term Sheet and within 3 business days of new business submitted in “good order”, payment of up to 90% total commission amount will be advanced to the producer. 

•Producer may choose to either receive the advance directly to a bank account via EFT or by check sent overnight.


•No interest will be charged on the advance for an agreed upon period of time (generally for up to 90 days) that is more than a reasonable period for the case to pay,  this will be stipulated in the Advance Agreement Term Sheet.  

•The producer agrees they will be responsible for repayment of any commission back offs.  

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